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Services and Pricing

My training and behavior packages are personalized, and can take place at your residence or my training studio. When you book with The Canine Scholar, you will fill out a detailed Client and Dog Questionnaire which I use to build your session training plans. I provide detailed, easy to follow, session notes and homework, and often extra handouts depending on your specific goals and challenges. I like to train using a marking tool, and for clients that would like to give this a try, I provide a box clicker.

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Phone Consultation

30 min 

Phone | $50 

The phone consultation is a great option if you need advice or want to ask questions. I can provide guidance and management solutions, as well as estimates of how long it may take to reach your training goals or see behavioral improvements etc.

Training Package

3 x 60 min

In-studio | $375 

In-home | $435 

The training package is designed for training goals such as basic obedience, manners, puppy planning/training, and therapy dog preparation work etc. It can include minor behavioral goals such as destructive digging, barking, or chewing. If you need help with fear, anxiety, aggression, or reactivity, please see the behavior package.

Behavior Package

5 x 60 min

In-studio | $625 

In-home | $725 

The behavior package is designed for complex behavior goals such as fear, anxiety, aggression, or reactivity. In your first session I will assess your pup, gather valuable information, and provide management solutions to prevent undesirable behavior, reduce stress, and increase safety etc. We'll discuss how dogs learn and what circumstances might be contributing to your pups challenges. The behavior package has more sessions than a training package so I can provide you with the skills to safely and confidently practice on your own. 

Double Trouble

3 x 60 min

In-studio | $555 

In-home | $615 

Do you have a friend or family member who has a dog with similar training goals? Maybe you are both looking to improve your basic obedience, or you just got puppies and aren't sure where to start. Double Trouble training packages are for two dogs and two handlers; I run them like a class, but you get amazing one-on-one support because there's just two people! Behavior goals are unfortunately not appropriate for double trouble packages.

Boredom Busters

3 x 30 min

In-studio | $150 

Do you have a smart pup who could benefit from learning agility or tricks? Do you want to get out and have some fun with your dog? If so, the Boredom Busters package is for you! Bring your trick ideas and I'll help you work through them, or let me show you a variety of fun tricks and agility foundation skills. Note that dogs need to be friendly with people to participate in this package and that there are no session notes and homework. 

Online Training Package

3 x 60 min 

Online | $345 

Online training is a great option if you don't live in Edmonton, can't travel, or have concerns about COVID-19 etc. I participate from my training studio and can demonstrate how to teach behaviors with my lovely dogs. I have the necessary equipment to move around a large space while still allowing clients to hear and view demos with ease. 

Travel fees

Travel Fees
(per session)

Yellow | $10
Pink | $15
Blue | $20
Purple | $25

Green | $30

Orange | $35

Travel fees

*Listed prices do not include GST; GST will be added to your invoice.

*Services and pricing are subject to change at any time.

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