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Services and Pricing

Training and behavior packages are personalized, and can take place at your residence or The Canine Scholar's training studio. Most packages include detailed, easy to follow homework plans, and extra handouts are provided depending on specific goals and challenges. For clients that would like to try using a marking took, a box clicker is provided.

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Training Package  3 x 60 mins.

For training goals such as basic obedience, manners, and therapy dog preparation. Can include minor behavioral goals such as destructive digging, barking, or chewing. If you need help with fear, anxiety, aggression, or reactivity, please see the behavior package.



| $420

| $480 + travel

Puppy Package  3 x 60 mins. 

For young puppies ~2-4 months old. Get set up for success and prevent problematic behaviors before they arise. Includes information on developmental timelines, house training, socialization, daily needs, healthy play, rest, and relationship building. You'll also learn some introductory obedience skills.



| $420

| $480 + travel

Behavior Package  5 x 60 mins.

For complex behavior goals such as fear, anxiety, aggression, or reactivity. You will learn how to change your dogs conditioned emotional response to troubling stimuli, prevent problematic behaviors, reduce anxiety, and increase safety. This package is designed to get you enough knowledge and skills to safely and confidently practice on your own; however, behavior change is a long-term commitment and some dogs may benefit from additional sessions after the completion of this package.




| $700

| $800 + travel

Boredom Busters   3 x 30 mins.

Do you have a smart pup who could benefit from learning introductory agility or tricks? Do you want to get out and have some fun with your dog? If so, the Boredom Busters package is for you! Note that dogs need to be friendly with people to participate in this package and that there are no session notes and homework.


| $180

Double Trouble   3 x 60 mins.

Do you have a friend or family member who has a dog with similar training goals? Maybe you are both looking to improve your basic obedience, or you just got puppies and aren't sure where to start. Double Trouble training packages are for two dogs and two handlers. Behavior goals are unfortunately not appropriate for double trouble packages.



| $570

| $660 + travel

Phone Consultation 30 mins.

Great for advice, questions, management solutions, and estimates of how long it may take to reach training goals or see behavioral improvements etc. If you have questions about your dogs behavior or want to get to know The Canine Scholar prior to booking a package, the phone consultation is a great option.


| $60

Travel fees

Travel Fees per session

Travel fees April 2023.png




| $20
| $25
| $30
| $40

| $50

*Listed prices do not include GST; GST will be added to your invoice.

*Services and pricing are subject to change at any time.

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