Gracie  (NTD, ITD, ATD)

Breed:    Mixed
Age:       6 years
Height:   19"

Weight:   45 lbs

Likes:      Snuggles, snacks, and squirrels

Dislikes:  Not being pet

Gracie is the sweetest dog alive. No seriously, ask anyone who's met her. How this sweet dog lasted an entire month in a shelter before I scooped her up is beyond all reason. In addition to having the kindest personality imaginable, she is absolutely beautiful (she get's so many compliments!) and she's super smart and talented. Miss Gracie has earned her novice, intermediate, and advanced trick titles and we are working towards her expert title. In addition to tricks, she also plays agility, and is a certified therapy dog with St. John Ambulance. Gracie has taught me so much about what it takes to be an awesome dog trainer!

Gracie Novice Trick Dog.png
Gracie Intermediate Trick Dog.png
Gracie Advanced Trick Dog.png
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Buck Branch Go With The Flo (Flo)

Breed:    Border Collie
Age:       2 years
Height:   21"

Weight:   33 lbs

Likes:      Running fast, tug, and playing agility

Dislikes:  Having to wait for something

Flo is A LOT of dog! She is extremely fast and agile and excels at dog sports. She also loves doing tricks; her favorite tricks being those with movement where she gets to jump or tug etc. Flo is an absoulte character, and is always chatting up a storm to anyone who will listen. She loves people so much it's laughable and she has a snuggly side that most people never get to see. If we're not actively doing something, you can find Flo curled up on my feet nearly all of the time. Flo is actively working towards her master's trick titles and preparing for a high-level career in dog agility. She has her own Instagram account called border_collie_flo