Mallory Hazell  (she/her) B.Sc., M.Sc., P. Biol., DBTMc

Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant

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I spent a decade working as a professional biologist before switching my focus to dog training and behavior. I started my dog training education at the Edmonton Humane Society, where I graduated (with honors) from the Dog Behavior and Training Methodology certification program (DBTMc). Following that, I mentored with Govind Pillai (CPDT-KA, DBTMc), owner and founder of Naughty Boyz Dog Training. I founded The Canine Scholar in December 2018, and have since helped hundreds of clients achieve their training and/or behavior goals. I continue to pursue science-based, canine behavior and training opportunities from researchers and animal behaviorists such as Dr. Ian Dunbar, Dr. Brian Hare, and Dr. Sophia Yin (see a list of courses I have taken below). I am a member of the Alberta Force Free Alliance and a CPDT-Ka (Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed) candidate for Spring 2022. I am passionate about animal behavior and learning theory and stay abreast of new peer-reviewed canine behavior and training research. But don't fret, I'm not just a stuffy academic; I love to have fun with my dogs too! I have obtained multiple trick titles and have taken an interest in canine fitness. I also compete in dog agility with my Border Collie, Flo, and work as a certified therapy dog team with my dog Gracie. 

I am particularly good at problem solving and coming up with unique solutions to meet my client's training goals. I am also an excellent communicator and can back my management and training plans with scientific rigor. As a person I am supportive, empathetic, and non-judgmental; I take pride in providing my clients an excellent training experience, and professionalism, quality, and value are consistent themes throughout my Google reviews. I have the education, skills, personality, and experience to be your go-to trainer in Edmonton, and I can't wait to meet you and your dog! Get in touch today.


Simple Solutions for Common Dog Behavior and Training Problems

Growl Class: A Workshop Demo for Reactive Dogs

Treatment and Prevention of Dog Aggression: Fighting and Biting

Dog Behavior and Training Methodology

Dr. Ian Dunbar's SIRIUS Dog Trainer Academy

Dog Emotion and Cognition

Pet Dogs, Problem Dogs, High Performance Dogs: How Science Can Take Your Training to a New Level

Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed, Study Course

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Edmonton Humane Society


Duke University

Cattle Dog Publishing

E-training for dogs


Dr. Ian Dunbar

Dr. Ian Dunbar

Dr. Ian Dunbar

Govind Pillai

Dr. Ian Dunbar

Dr. Brian Hare

Dr. Sophia Yin

Dr. Cheryl Aguiar

Instructor Qualifications

Honors degree in physiology, PhD in Animal Behavior

Honors degree in physiology, PhD in Animal Behavior

Honors degree in physiology, PhD in Animal Behavior


Honors degree in physiology, PhD in Animal Behavior

PhD in Evolutionary Anthropology

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Behaviorist

Ph.D., CPDT-Ka


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