My training packages are personalized. When you book with The Canine Scholar, you will fill out a detailed Client and Dog Questionnaire which I use to build your session training plans. I provide detailed, easy to follow, session notes and homework, and often extra handouts depending on your specific goals and challenges. I like to train using a marking tool, and for clients that would like to give this a try, I provide a box clicker.

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30 min | $50 

The phone consultation is a great option if you need advice or want to ask questions. I can provide guidance and management solutions, as well as estimates of how long it may take to reach your training goals or see behavioral improvements etc.

Private Online
Training Package

3 x 60 min | $345 + GST

Online training is a great option if you don't live in Edmonton, can't travel, or have concerns about COVID-19 etc. I participate from my training studio and can demonstrate how to teach behaviors with my lovely dogs. I have all the equipment necessary such that I can move around a large space and you will be able to see and hear me with ease.

Private In-Studio
Training Package

3 x 60 min | $345 + GST

Private training at my studio is a great way to get your dog socialized to a new environment while working through your training goals. I have a range of items that we can work with to build confidence, prepare for therapy dog exams, or work on agility foundation skills.

Private In-home
Training Package

3 x 60 min | $399 + GST
(Travel fees may apply; see below)

Private in-home training is an excellent way to work on training goals in the environment which your dog may be struggling. For example, we can desensitize to your specific doorbell, identify solutions for calm greetings at your front door, or management solutions to avoid counter surfing in your specific kitchen etc. If you have a new puppy, I can help determine the best way to get your puppy set up for success in your home. 

Double Trouble
Training Package

3 x 60 min | $540 + GST

3 x 60 min | $650 + GST

(Travel fees may apply; see below)

Do you have a friend or family member who has a dog with similar training goals? Maybe you are both looking to improve your basic obedience skills, or you both just got puppies and aren't sure where to start. Double Trouble training packages are for two dogs and two handlers, and can take place at a private residence or at my training studio.

Travel Fees (per session)

Blue | $10 + GST
Purple | $15 + GST
Green | $20 + GST

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