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"The Canine Scholar is great! Mallory was wonderful and provided us with some really great things to work on. We had done some reading and watched a lot of videos from dog trainers prior to having Mallory come in - and there were still lots of great things we learned from her.
I highly recommend using the Canine Scholar if you live in the Edmonton area and are looking for a dog trainer."

Melissa and Bartlet

"I'm so grateful to have worked with Mallory. I was struggling with my fearful-aggressive dog and in three short sessions I have seen incredible improvement thanks to Mallory's training. Her force-free approach and comprehensive explanations and training plans have made it possible for me to implement real strategies for working with my dog in daily life, using training that is actually having an impact. Mallory has been directly responsible for increasing my understanding of my dog's behaviour, making me feel safer about walking her around other dogs. Thank you so much, Mallory!"

Renee and Seph

"I had my Bernese Mountain Dog X Poodle puppy for about 4 months before I called Mallory.  My Bernedoodle, Lincoln, was very hyperactive, energetic, and loved to chew/bite playfully.  After just one session with Mallory, Lincoln learned to sit, lay down, stay, and fetch.  Her methodologies to train was very effective.  Her follow up with "homework" and summarizing our session kept us on track and was very useful.  Mallory is a very knowledgeable and friendly trainer, and I would not hesitate to refer her to anyone."

Duc and Lincoln

"I highly recommend The Canine Scholar! Mallory’s confidence and passion for positive, evidence-based approaches to dog training encourages both dogs and dog owners! I have witnessed Mallory work with a few different dogs, including my own, and Mallory’s nonjudgmental and supportive demeanor enables people to feel more capable in working with their dogs, leading to mutual empowerment for the pups and the humans who love them!"

Mitch and Pepita 

"Mallory is a great trainer and was very helpful when we brought a new puppy into our home. Her philosophy of positive reinforcement for learning is successful and was a great experience for our pup. As a person she is reliable and very knowledgeable, we wouldn't hesitate to use her services again or recommend her to others."

Sue and Cleo

"Mallory worked with my Golden Retriever Cooper on his leash skills and impulse control. She was amazing, Cooper loved it and I am a happy dog owner. I would highly recommend her for all of your training needs! She takes the time to train the dog and train the trainer."

Darlene and Cooper

"Outstanding! Mallory has proven to be an exquisite student whose ambition has propelled her to start her own business and get working with canines all over the city. She is very talented and I would trust her with my dogs any day! I will continue my attempts to recruit her but until then, your clients are extremely fortunate to have you and I wish you all the success in the world!"

Govind Pillai (from Naughty Boyz Dog Training)

"Mallory helped us with our shelter dog who, in addition to being quite fearful, was also demonstrating aggression towards other dogs. We tried a couple of trainers with really no success, until we found Mallory. Her methods are grounded in changing a dog's opinion of a stimulus, rather than simply changing behaviour. The techniques she uses are truly backed by research, and it shows! We are so thankful. Please check her out."

Ray and Loki

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